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It offers secure connectivity and a wide array of reliable technology tools and smart devices that enable efficient and optimal performance to suit your business’ needs.

Smart StoreManager is designed to monitor in real time the daily inventory, out-of-stock, sales take-up, and other important data available from stores/outlets. It automates the manual process involved in collecting data and allows companies to get data in real time with no manual intervention and encoding.

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With the Smart StoreManager application, keep track of every Stock Keeping Unit assigned to each merchandiser. Your inventory and movement of supplies are easily managed on your mobile phone to be able to deliver accurate stocks for the benefit of the customers.


Experience significant reduction in paperwork and handling involved in merchandising operations and administrative works. With Smart StoreManager, you can also conduct periodic checks any time of the day to evaluate sales and inventory data more efficiently.


Reduce errors from data entry by using the phone application to check information on stocks and market conditions, and enjoy low-risk deployment of devices while still increasing productivity in your workspace.


Plan Monthly Recurring Charge Data Allocation SMS Voice
Plan 2000 PhP 2,000 2000 MB 450 300 mins – Smart 200 mins – other networks
Plan 2500 PhP 2,500 3500 MB 600 350 mins – Smart250 mins – other networks
Plan 3000 PhP 3,000 4500 MB 650 400 mins – Smart 300 mins – other networks
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