PLDT SME Nation Privacy Policy


Throught your use of our services, you agree and allow PLDT SME Nation to use your personal information for the following purposes:

1. To create and nurture a relationship with you.
We collect personal information about you when you apply for our products and services so that we can validate your identity and credit history. We use your personal information for billing and collection of fees for the products and services that you avail from us.

2. Getting to know you better.
We also collect personal information about you through other activities such as our market research initiatives, when you visit and transact in our stores, when you visit and use our websites and mobile apps and from our subsidiaries, affiliates, and third-party business partners to whom you have given your consent for them to share your information with us. For a list of these partners, please visit,

3. The improvement of our business and operations.

We analyze data about how you use our products and services to help us manage your account better, to provide you with the customer care activities, to ensure your fair use of our products and services, to monitor the quality and security of our technology, to train our staff, and to plan for our future growth. We do this so that we can continue to provide you with the best experience for the products and services that you avail from us.

4. The improvement of our products and services.
We anayze how you use our products and services so that we can understand how to improve them for your benefit. Our analysis may include some sensitive information about your usage, such as the general locations and sites that you may frequent. In all cases, we ensure to aggregate and anonymize this information so that you are never identified as an individual.
*Aggregating simply means presenting information in segments or categories like age groups; anonymizing means removing information that can personally identify you from the data.

5. Sending you product recommendations, special offers, and promos.
From time to time, we will send you offers that we think will interest you. We keep a record of the products and services that you avail from us so that we can gain a better insight of the kinds of offers that would be relevant to you. We also analyze the places where you may have used our products and services and use this information to send you exclusive offers available in locations that you may frequent. We communicate these through channels such as SMS, voice calls, and e-mail. You can choose to unsubscribe from these messages anytime. Just let us know.

6. To interact with you on Social Media.

We place advertisements about our latest products and promotions on some of the most popular Websites, Social Media, and Search platforms. From time to time, we may share information such as your mobile number, e-mail address, and cookies (from when you visit our websites) with the likes of Facebook and Google, to ensure that advertisements about our special offers are seen by you, as you browse their websites and apps.

7. Assisting the Government.
We generate statistical insights based on your data and use of our products and services to assist the Government in planning for healthcare, disaster management, and other similar efforts meant for public benefit. When we can, we remove all information that identifies you as an individual to ensure that you remain anonymous.

8. Compliance with Republic Act No. 9501 or the Credit Information System Act.
We run credit scoring programs and initiatives, which includes providing information to the Credit Information Corporation. In some cases, we may outsource to another company the computation of your credit score. We are currently partnered with Credit Bureau.

There are some instances where we may need to share your information to our subsidiaries and affiliates, agents, business partners and other third-party agencies and service providers. We only share your information to enable us to continue providing you with the products and services that you have availed from us, and as part of our regular business operations that allow us to serve you better.

When you accept this Privacy Policy, you also acknowledge that we may share your information with:

1. Our service providers, contractors, professional advisers, and their sub-contractors, who help us provide our products and services to you. For example: our couriers for bill delivery and our customer contact centers for our hotline operations;

2. Our Subsidiaries and Affiliates with whom you have also signed-up with. We do so only for the improvement of each other's business and operations. For example: we share information about your credit standing to facilitate your service applications with them, resulting in faster approvals;

3. Other companies to whom you have also given consent for us to share your information with; and

4. Law enforcement and government agencies, but only when required by laws and regulations and other lawful orders and processes.

For a list of these parters, please visit

We would like you to know that your personal data will be kept in our records for as long as you continue to use our products and services, and for a maximum of one (1) year after.

The Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10173) gives you rights in relation to the personal data that we have collected about you, including the right to object to certain ways in which we may use your data, the right to access your data at your request, the right to correct any inaccurate or outdated data about you, and the right to erase or remove your data from our records.  For more information on your rights and how you may exercise them, email

PLDT SME Nation respects your right to privacy, and we commit to take great care in safeguarding your personal data. Please contact our Data Privacy Officer through the contact details provided below:

Joseph Ian G. Gendrano
Makati General Office, Leviste St. Legaspi Village, Makati City

For more information about PLDT's Data Privacy Policy, visit

At PLDT SME Nation, we are committed to safeguarding your personal information, and we are transparent about how we handle your personal information. Accordingly, we developed this Cookies Notice to inform you about our use of cookies across our website. We want you to understand what cookies are, how PLDT SME Nation uses cookies and what your choices are.

A cookie is a small text file, often containing a unique identifier, stored by your web browser when you visit a website. Websites use cookies to help provide certain functions and to personalize your web experience by remembering things like your language preferences, items in your shopping carts, and information filled out in lead generation forms.

PLDT SME Nation uses cookies to understand how you interact with our website, communications, services and selected third party websites primarily with the aim of improving your user experience. The following is a summary of how PLDT SME Nation uses cookies:

PLDT SME Nation uses cookies that are essential for navigating and enabling certain functions of PLDT SME Nation website. For example, PLDT SME Nation collects personal information, voluntarily submitted by visitors to the website, which enables us to respond to requests for publications, distribute e-newsletters, and respond to requests for more information or assistance. PLDT SME Nation adheres to the highest standards of ethical practices in all of our operations and is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all visitors to our Website. If you wish to opt out of our e-newsletters, you may do so by following the unsubscribe instructions in the e-newsletter you received. Except as disclosed below, we do not sell, barter, give away, rent or permit anyone outside of PLDT SME Nation to use your personal information. If you choose to disable these cookies, specific features of the PLDT SME Nation, such as signing up for an inquiry, may not be available.

PLDT SME Nation collects anonymous information to help us tailor the website to visitor interests and concerns. We use "cookies" to help us understand which parts of our website are the most popular, where our visitors are going and how much time they spend there. The information that is gathered through cookies is used solely to assist in improving website design and function. This website is functional without the retention of cookies.

PLDT SME Nation uses cookies to remember your information while visiting the PLDT SME Nation website. These types of cookies allow PLDT SME Nation to recognize your device so that you do not have to provide the same information repeatedly. For example, we may use cookies to remember your information filled out in lead generation forms.

PLDT SME Nation uses cookies to personalize your experience while visiting the PLDT SME Nation website. These cookies may be used to deliver PLDT SME Nation content to you that is customized to your interests based on an inference from your browsing patterns on our websites or from your customer relationship with us. For example, a relevant offer about a product or service may be displayed to you based on existing products and services you are currently looking on the PLDT SME Nation website.

Advertising and third party cookies
PLDT SME Nation uses cookies to deliver tailored PLDT SME Nation advertising to you. We occasionally work with advertising agencies to place cookies to help deliver ads on third party websites where we purchase advertising. These types of third party cookies enable us to understand which PLDT SME Nation ads you see and interact with. This helps us measure the success of our advertising campaigns.

Other similar technologies
In addition to cookies, PLDT SME Nation also uses pixel tags which are small transparent images embedded in a web page or an email. We use pixel tags in connection with cookies to help operate our website and emails. Third parties may also use pixel tags to help compile aggregated statistics and determine the effectiveness of PLDT SME Nation promotional campaigns.

You may elect to block cookies from this site through your browser settings. PLDT SME Nation strives to protect the transmission of any information submitted by visitors. PLDT SME Nation does not warrant the transmission of data will be completely secured, and any and all submissions are at the visitor's risk.

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