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Smart Bro

Smart Bro Enterprise provides corporations with reliable high-speed internet connectivity, and offers mobile broadband service with its flexible and affordable internet connection via Smart’s GPRS, 3GS and HSPA technology. LEARN MORE

Smart LTE

SMART LTE boasts the latest in wireless technology. Enhance your mobile broadband experience with SMART LTE. With its minimal latency, get a smooth connection in even the most bandwidth-intensive circumstances like playing an online game or streaming a video. LEARN MORE


FibrBiz raises the bar for business broadband solutions with the latest high-speed network that runs on PLDT's superior fiber optic backbone. Fibrbiz is PLDT SME Nation's fastest shared broadband today. Now bundled with FREE landline and a pocket wifi, it ensures that you stay connected to your business inside and outside your office. LEARN MORE


PLDT iGate provides premium, high-speed, and reliable managed connectivityto the global Internet Founded on the most powerful and most extensive broadband network in the country -- boasting of a data transfer capacity of 366 gbps and growing -- iGate is guaranteed to support mission-critical and bandwith-intensive applications. LEARN MORE

Smart Wifi

Smart WiFi gives companies the triple-A experience by providing customers with access to the internet, effective brand exposure through customized ads, and transforms the enterprise into a data driven business through the build-in analytics. Pave the way to the digital age, #wifitheworld! LEARN MORE

Smart Postpaid

SMART Postpaid is our mobile voice, SMS, and data service offering for corporate and SME clients. SMART Postpaid offers a wide variety of top-class handsets and devices, supporting the latest mobile operating systems in the market today. SMART Postpaid is powered by SMART’s Nationwidest network, the most reliable and wide-reaching network in the country today. LEARN MORE

Smart Bizkit

Smart Bizkit is an all-in-one business bundle that supplies you with connectivity and mobility through your mobile phone and a reliable broadband service, enabling you to connect with your colleagues, peers, and customers seamlessly. LEARN MORE

Unified Communications

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a suite of communication and collaboration solutions that allow users to connect simply and efficiently with colleagues, peers, and customers. With just one number, users can collaborate and accomplish more, anytime and anywhere. LEARN MORE

Google Apps

A 100% web-based suite of collaborative productivity apps powered by Google that offer you and your business access to professional email, shared calendars, online document editing and storage, video meetings, and much more. LEARN MORE

Smart StoreManager

Smart StoreManager is designed to monitor in real time the daily inventory, out-of-stock, sales take-up, and other important data available from stores/outlets. It automates the manual process involved in collecting data and allows companies to get data in real time with no manual intervention and encoding. LEARN MORE

Smart ServiceManager

Smart ServiceManager is an app-based reporting, data gathering, and service management application that allows service-oriented industries to centralize and optimize two-way communications with field employees. It is a synergy of web-based and mobile applications, using the latest mobile devices, and powered by SMART’s Nationwidest network. LEARN MORE

Smart SalesManager

A Customer Relationship Management tool that provides relevant information to field personnel and automating sales processes to enhance customer experience through the use of an enabled mobile device connected through wireless data. LEARN MORE

Smart Pharma

SMART Pharma is an end-to-end solutions package specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry featuring a suite of mobile efficiency modules for both medical representatives and upper management. It combines top-notch mobile applications with the latest mobile devices, connected to SMART’s Nationwidest network. LEARN MORE


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an enterprise-grade cloud service that makes available a flexible hosted computing capacity through the web. IaaS is not only more cost-effective than traditional on-premise hardware, but also gives you full control over computing resources. LEARN MORE


PLDT Cloud DRaaS is a Cloud-based Disaster recovery solution with backup, restore, and recovery abilities designed to provide seamless end-to-end protection for important and critical business functions. LEARN MORE


Colocation gives you the superior advantage of robust and world-class facilities, unparalleled performance, and unmatched resiliency of our purposely-built Internet Data Center that meet the demands of your business infrastructure as a primary and/or disaster recovery site. LEARN MORE

Smart Tracker

A solution that utilizes GPS tracking system to enable users to monitor their vehicle or filed force personnel’s location in real time. It helps businesses increase operational efficiency and ensure asset security. LEARN MORE

Smart E-Form

A digital proof-of-delivery system that leverages the mobile technology replacing the pen-and-paper system of tracking goods delivery. LEARN MORE

Smart Fleet

A cloud-based solutions designed to help businesses perform the following operations – vehicle management including maintenance, dispatching and cashiering, driver data and reports. LEARN MORE

Smart E-Ticketing

Smart e-Ticketing automates scheduling and fare management for transport companies. Monitor admissions and purchases from your head office while tracking sales as they happen. LEARN MORE

Digital Campus

The Digital Campus Suite is a complete solution suite designed to uplift Philippine education to global standards. It provides relevant content, collaboration solutions and smart devices powered by PLDT and Smart's connectivity. LEARN MORE


TackThis! is our offering for SMEs with everything they need to start an online store. From a beautiful storefront, equipped with flexible and localized delivery.LEARN MORE


Accept Mastercard, Visa credit, debit, prepaid, and card payments through this simple, and secure mobile POS with your smartphone or tablet. LEARN MORE


MyDSLBiz is your premium DSL connection, perfect for your expanding business. Have that extra edge with unlimited internet speeds, starting at 10Mbps up to 20Mbps with free landline and pocket wifi. LEARN MORE


Start your business right with a three-bundled service for the price of one! Get a fast and reliable DSL connection, a landline, TackThis! online store. LEARN MORE

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Aenean Sollictudi

Proin gravida nibh vel velit auctor aliquet. Aenean sollicitudin, lorem

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