PLDT Enterprise, BT Partner to Redefine Audio Conferencing in PH Market With Dolby Voice


Leading telecoms and digital services provider PLDT, through its corporate business arm PLDT Enterpise, partners with leading global communications company BT to introduce PLDT Audiocon with Dolby Voice®. Dolby Voice transforms business conference calls, as it delivers an in-person experience by replicating the sound of face-to-face meetings.

The partnership was formalized with a contract signing between PLDT and BT, attended by Jovy Hernandez, PLDT Senior Vice President and Head of PLDT and SMART Enterprise; Jojo Gendrano, PLDT Vice President and Head of Core Business Solutions; James Hennah, BT Managing Director for Southeast Asia; and Vipul Narula, BT Head of Indirect Channel of Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

“We are delighted to integrate BT’s exceptional communications solutions with our very own PLDT Audiocon offering to bring the solution to a whole new level,” said Gendrano during the formal signing event. “This partnership enables clearer connections and communications that can certainly support enterprises in conducting more productive and effective meetings,” added Jojo Gendrano, who noted that audio quality ensures better collaboration among conference call participants.

"Part of our strategy to lead the industry is to make sure that we affiliate ourselves with global brands,” noted Hernandez. “We are proud to be a partner of BT in bringing this service to the Philippines, and excited to add another innovative solution to further strengthen our products and services portfolio.”

Dolby Voice makes conferencing exceptionally clear, natural, and productive by delivering an in-person experience. All participants get stunning audio quality and hear each person on the call from a distinct virtual location, so it’s easy to identify who’s speaking and follow the conversation. Everyone who speaks is heard—not just the loudest few—even when different people speak at once. As a result, the conversation flows naturally and participation increases.

Combining the Dolby Voice experience with PLDT and BT’s world-class communications capabilities, means users get an ehanched meeting experience as they engage in business conversations and remotely collaborate through the enhanced audiocon solution.

Dolby Voice can be accessed anywhere—via the desktop, mobile, and even in meeting rooms with the Dolby® Conference Phone. The Dolby Conference Phone brings everyone into the room, including remote participants, and is being introduced to go with PLDT Audiocon. An integral part of the Dolby Voice solution and packed with innovation, it is the only phone that can extend the full Dolby Voice experience and productivity benefits to meeting rooms. It can also be used as a traditional IP telephone. 

The solution offers significant cost savings opportunities over traditional audio conferencing services, as users can join and participate in conference calls via the MeetMe Dolby App. This Allows enterprises to enjoy lower usage charges compared to traditional voice calls, while significantly enhancing voice quality through Dolby’s unique noise cancellation capabilities.  

PLDT Enterprise also showcased its Audiocon solution at the recently concluded Digicon Summit 2017, where participants where able to learn the various capabilities of PLDT’s conferencing suite.

To know more about PLDT Audicon, visit www.pldtenterpris

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