Boosting Efficiency in Business


Digital disruption is quickly engulfing the business landscape, and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are challenged to adapt to the culture of technology to increase productivity in the workspace. New opportunities to migrate from traditional to modern platforms continue to emerge in order to help businesses across all industries engage on the online platform, and the credit industry is no exception.

In accordance with its mission to enable businesses with a wide range of digital tools and solutions for enterprise growth, PLDT SME Nation makes available Smart CreditCheck, a mobile solution designed specifically for banks and other loan-granting institutions to maximize efficiency and productivity of their personnel.

With the increase of mobile technologies, organizations like the Credit Management Association of the Philippines (CMAP) have the opportunity to meet the data-driven habits of their customer, and empower their members with tools to make quick and smart decisions through a single, dedicated mobile application.

Not only are members of CMAP equipped with a powerful yet cost-effective solution, but the Smart CreditCheck also allows for immediate response, eliminating delay, errors, and coordination issues between administration and field workers.

PLDT SME Nation continues to provide associations like CMAP with business tools that are easily customizable and tailor-fit for their industry, supporting them in their journey to make it big. 

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