Growing business with the Cloud


It is undeniable that technology is a big part of today's culture. However, factors such as security and integration concerns continue to hinder businesses from adopting advanced digital solutions. Especially across the cloud layers, there is a common perception that security is a prime issue.  

As a way to address this concern, PLDT SME Nation brought "Infradomination: Summer Hangover," a series of learning opportunities that empowers business owners to expand their knowledge on secure cloud based systems that can innovate their business.

Entrepreneurs from various industries across Metro Manila and Cebu learned about cloud-based business solutions such as the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Colocation, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS), which are designed to accommodate the operational needs of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Colocation is an Internet Data Center that eliminate the risk of potential disasters, allowing the business to run smoothly despite unplanned power failures or other threats. This tool equips businesses with a server room that boost productivity in the workplace while still offering protection.

PLDT SME Nation also offers the IaaS, which brings a flexible computing capacity via web. With the IaaS, business owners can take control over their CPU as well as networks in order to optimize their way of business. Design especially for MSMEs, the IaaS grows with the company, bringing structure that is upgradable to better serve the needs of the business.Businesses can also prepare themselves for potential disaster by using the DRaas which works to back up, restore, and recovery data. This tool secures the company’s data by giving business owners control over the information management. DRaaS is adaptable to any device, easing daily operations for businesses.

PLDT SME Nation understands that MSMEs want to make it big today's disruptive market. These technological tools were made to accompany MSMEs as they grow, protecting them from barriers that can interfere with their progress. By offering these solutions, PLDT SME Nation remains dedicated to enabling Filipino entrepreneurs to succeed in the local and global setting. 

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