Connecting Businesses Globally


The upcoming ASEAN integration opens doors to opportunities for businesses to expand their reach beyond the local market landscape.

PLDT Enterprise, together with ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd, brought together business owners and entrepreneurs with existing or potential ASEAN presence for a night of informative and insightful discussions featuring a variety of experts in their own field.

“With the goal of global expansion for local businesses, we at PLDT strive to equip our customers with seamless connectivity and revolutionary ICT solutions that will drive them to compete at the same level of international companies,” said Mitch Locsin, PLDT VP and Head of SME Nation. “As long as you have the support from the the right partners, the ASEAN integration can take your business to new heights.”

As one of the key players in the ASEAN collaboration among the seven leading telecommunication providers in the region, PLDT looks ahead in preparing the Philippine enterprise landscape for the forthcoming regional integration.

By being connected to telcos in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brueni, and Vietnam, PLDT will be the single portal for businesses in the Philippines who plan on expanding to the other ASEAN member nations, reinforcing its mission to enable Filipino enterprises with both technology solutions and best practices.

In collaboration with ACASIA, PLDT, Inc. remains committed in making available enterprise-level technologies that empower communication and expand possibilities to make it big in business.

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