PLDT SME Nation and Zomato host Wine Night for business owners


With the mission of uplifting culture through technology, Zomatos partnership with PLDT SME Nation remains committed to presenting restaurant owners with rewarding opportunities.

Last May 24, PLDT SME Nation and Zomato co-hosted a first in a series of Wine Tasting Nights  at the Wine Club. Fifteen restaurant owners were in attendance to gain insight on the different available technology tools and solutions that PLDT SME nation can provide to empower their businesses.

In line with the mission to enrich culture through cuisine, Zomato provides the community of food lovers the information needed to ensure a stellar dining experience with the use of technology. Through online reservations and reviews by restaurant go-ers, Zomato is able to connect restaurant owners and food connoisseurs to develop an online community who are able to share their passion for food.

With Zomato available in 23 countries, the growing presence brings the challenge of staying updated with the latest technology tools available to ensure optimal growth in their industry. The need to simplify daily tasks while increasing efficiency is necessary in order to compete in a global scale. PLDT SME Nation works with Zomato in improving productivity and efficiency by bringing tools and solutions to deal with the digital world.

The partnership enables restaurant owners to adapt to the quick-paced industry with solutions such as PayMaya, encouraging a simplified approach on customer service through e-payment. In addition, PLDT Smart SME Nation makes available the Smart Store Manager and MarketBuilder which optimizes operations as well as communication with the market.

Through this, Zomato and PLDT SME Nation brings opportunities for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to improve their business and lifestyle as the partnership aims to develop industries as well as the country.


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