PLDT Smart SME Nation, Ureka renew partnership to bring e-commerce to MSMEs


In an effort to expand the relevance of e-commerce within local businesses communities, PLDT SME Nation has once again partnered with Ureka to bring e-commerce to regional areas through the Ureka forum, which aims to emphasize further the importance of businesses taking on the digital platform as an avenue to reach their consumers.

The rise of the digital age has urged entrepreneurs to migrate to the online platform in order to better reach their growing tech-enabled markets. Among all registered businesses in the Philippines, 99.6% are comprised of MSMEs, yet only few have leveraged on the power of technology to establish their online presence and be digitally seen by the existing e-commerce community.

Following the success of first two Ureka forums that previously took place in Baguio and Iloilo, where MSMEs went from brick-and-mortar businesses to “brick-and-click,” in which the digital platforms serves as an additional channel for business transactions, Ureka will be ramping up the next leg in Davao this month with a more vibrant and sustainable program not only for MSMEs, but for students as well.

More than a forum, Ureka is a movement that allows MSMEs to succeed on the onset of setting up their website and selling their first product online. PLDT SME Nation shares Ureka’s vision of empowering more Filipino entrepreneurs to engage in the digital marketplace and connect with their customers wherever they may be. With a wide array of technology tools and solutions dedicated to take MSMEs to the next level, business owners are given the opportunity to take their ventures to even the global e-commerce market.

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