PLDT Smart SME Nation powers London-based ed-tech startup company in Quipper Conference


Technology today is changing the world as we know it, and the shift has compelled institutions to further explore the digital world for the benefit of their constituents. The education sector is no exception in this case, as both the internet and various mobile devices are used as platforms for the access of information to further facilitate learning and collaboration among students and faculty members.

Last May 13, over 300 educators from all over the country gathered at the Richmonde Hotel to exchange ideas and best practices in the QuipperCon 2016, which revolved around the theme of “Creating Innovative Learning Environments for K-12.”

The transition of the educational system to the K-12 program, which was implemented to foster a more globally-competitive environment among students, is expected to pave the way for a system that develops empowered citizens who are capable of making valuable contributions to society.

The QuipperCon aimed to equip the participating school owners, directors, board members, principals, and ICT heads with with the right competencies in light of the new generation of technologically-driven learners in the expanding digital age.

Today, more schools are adapting a modernized system of education that integrates relevant technology in the learning environment. These new tools enable not only students, but also faculty members collaborate efficiently with one another. From 21st century learners, schools can help their students become tomorrow’s success stories with the help of  technology.

PLDT Smart SME Nation makes available an array of voice, data, and cloud solutions to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) nationwide, and provides industry-specific solutions that explicitly cater to the needs of a business.

In light of the new age of education, PLDT’s Digital Campus Suite enables students and the academe to access online learning programs and even earn IT (Information Technology) certifications for critical IT skills that are now in-demand in today's digitally driven industries.

Alongside the transition to the K-12 system is a solution designed to uplift Philippine education to global standards with smart devices powered by PLDT and Smart’s connectivity. Together with Microsoft, the suite provides tools to enable collaboration between faculty members and their students, as well as relevant content through the Mictrosoft IT Academy. With this product, educational institutions can further explore the digital platform and provide their students with seamless connectivity and communication.

In line with its ultimate goal of nation building, PLDT Smart SME Nation strives to further enable schools and students by equipping them with skills for a brighter future, and help them to make it big not only for themselves, but for the country.

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