PLDT Smart SME Nation promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in Bohol Startup Weekend

Bohol Weekend

Entrepreneurs gathered over the weekend of April 15 to take part in a 54-hour seminar that sought to bring to light revolutionary ideas and kindle the spirit of innovation among members of the Tagbilaran community.

The Bohol Startup Weekend celebrated locally-driven ideas through a specialized workshop that brought together young minds to pitch business ideas, which were cultivated and refined over the three-day seminar.

Participants grouped together to build concepts and establish business models based on extensive research. Part of the program required them to present prototypes of their venture, which would be evaluated alongside the findings of their studies.

In the same way the organizers of the event promote entrepreneurship through this activity to tap local resources to create more events, awareness, and opportunities for its people, PLDT Smart SME Nation wholly advocates the importance of thought-provoking discourse and connections to enable the growth of tomorrow’s global thought leaders.

As the micro, small, and medium enterprise arm of the country’s leading telecoms and multimedia services provider, PLDT Smart SME Nation wholly supports opportunities that highlight innovation and pave the way for making it big not only in business, but also for the future of the nation.

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