PLDT Smart SME Nation powers 2016 Philippine Sailing Grand Prix with real-time tracking solution

Sailing Grand Prix

Subic Sailing Club organized the 2016 Philippine Sailing Grand Prix, the only internationally acclaimed series of racing events in the country. The event began with the Subic to Boracay Race (SBBR), back-to-back with the Boracay Cup Regatta (BCR) and concluded with the 9th Commodores’ Cup Regatta (AYGP) throughout the months of February to April.

For the past four years since the SBBR was launched in 2010, PLDT Smart SME Nation has been a dedicated partner and trusted provider of a real-time tracking solution to the Subic Sailing Club in order to allow organizers as well as audiences to monitor live activity of the participating boats’ whereabouts.

The shifting winds that sailors encounter in Subic Bay, as well as en route to the island of Boracay, can prove challenging for the crew, and potentially dangerous if they should encounter unsuitable weather for sailing. The Smart Tracker utilizes GPS tracking system that is easily accessed through an easy-to-use web interface, allowing for efficient location monitoring of vehicle or field force personnel.

Not only does the Smart Tracker provide access to location log reports, but it also alerts users if units exceed parameters set for geo-fencing, allowing immediate response in case of emergencies. Within two days, all fifteen participating entries hailing from different countries successfully finished the grueling SBBR race.

PLDT Smart SME Nation shares its interest for events that fuel excitement and camaraderie among fellow sailing enthusiasts, and continues to empower Filipinos to make it big not only in their business, but also in their daily lives.

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