PLDT Smart SME Nation drives financial inclusion with automated credit investigation solution


The expansion of the digital age has given industries the opportunity to engage on the online platform, giving their market the convenience of reaching them anytime, anywhere. The banking industry is no exception, and PLDT Smart SME Nation remains dedicated to help banks digitize and optimize their market reach.

The Credit Management Association of the Philippines (CMAP) organized the 35th National Credit Congress last Friday, April 29, at the Fairmont Hotel. Top government and private leaders were invited as speakers to tackle various topics on credit, economics, and financial challenges for the improvement of business practices.

With micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) comprising of approximately two thirds of the country’s workforce, it is no doubt that they play a central role in the new, more holistic type of economic development in the form of inclusive economic growth, partially achieved by making available financial services to the “unserved and underserved” MSME sector.

Financial inclusion, as mentioned in the congress, requires new solutions and transformative innovations to address frictions in the market.

In accordance with its mission to enable businesses with a wide range of technological tools and digital solutions to expand their virtual reach, PLDT Smart SME Nation introduced the Smart CreditCheck, a mobile solution designed specifically for banks and other loan-granting institutions to maximize efficiency and productivity of their personnel.

Not only are credit investigators equipped with a powerful yet cost-effective solution, but the Smart CreditCheck also allows for immediate response, eliminating delay, errors, and coordination issues between administration and field workers.

With the continuous preference of digital processes and services in the market, PLDT Smart SME Nation is committed to support banking institutions to make it big in business and sustain the momentum for inclusive financial growth that contributes to building a better nation.

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