PLDT Smart SME Nation continues to power MSMEs with economical, automated payroll system


As part of its commitment to provide MSMEs with technology tools and solutions to make it big in business, PLDT Smart SME Nation, in partnership with ePLDT unit IP Converge Data Services, Inc. (IPC), makes available The Enterprise Sachet, a pay-as-you-go model that allows companies to make use of productivity tools and compute resources on-demand on a digital cloud platform.

The locally-hosted services offered in the cloud services portal features IPC Paycheck as one of the back office applications. IPC Paycheck, an enterprise timekeeping and payroll management tool, is specifically designed to incorporate all payroll-related tasks into one convenient solution, and is tailor-fit for each business’ needs.

Printtalk Advertising Inc., a Mandaluyong-based company, built its foundations in 2008 through offering services in both small and large forms of printing. From one individual with a vision, the company slowly grew in number and now manages roughly 29 employees and over a hundred clients from all industries.

Like majority of the 90% of registered businesses in the country, this print-servicing MSME is slowly working towards migrating to the digital platform to catalyze processes and increase productivity in the workplace.

“Prior to IPC Paycheck, we had been manually computing payroll accounts of our personnel, which brought about many errors in our system,” shares Venjie Ruiz, Managing Director of Printtalk Advertising, Inc. “After implementing the product and the new process, we saved more time and money focusing on other aspects of the company and minimized internal frustration when it came to payroll, which was evidently reflected in their work.”

With PLDT Smart SME Nation’s widest geographical reach to penetrate the MSMEs, and IPC’s array of cloud and data center services, more enterprises are sure to benefit from the effective and efficient automated service and continue to make it big in the market.

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