Island Living Channel and PLDT SME Nation tie up to bring wireless solutions to Visayas

island living

The advancement of the digital age has urged businesses to adapt to the growing online market, and with the right technology tools to do so, business owners have the opportunity to make it big in their industries and even stand to compete on a global scale. As part of its commitment to enable the Filipino entrepreneur with business solutions to support their ventures, PLDT Smart SME Nation and Island Living Channel, joined together to continue to provide local micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with accessible and efficient wireless solutions.

Island Living Channel, a Bacolod-based broadcasting and publishing network established by CEO and Chairman Radjie Caram Jr., now stands as a valued Channel Partner of PLDT Smart SME Nation. This partnership marks a milestone in the journey of the enterprise arm of the country’s largest telecommunications company to create more avenues for Filipino business owners not only to tap into their tech-enabled audiences, but also adapt processes that digitize and optimize the management of their business, wherever they may be.

Alongside its efforts to bring innovative solutions to the MSMEs around the country, PLDT Smart SME Nation’s Techmobile, dubbed the “E-Commerce on Wheels,” will be roaming around the country to reach entrepreneurs in remote areas to help promotes the various online tools that are available for MSMEs to go digital such as online shopping platforms, website management, business connectivity tools, and mobility solutions that will help empower entrepreneurs grow and expand their business. In the month of March, the Techmobile will be deployed around the Iloilo, Bacolod, and Dumaguete areas to help traditional businesses put up their online presence.

“These highlight our efforts to promote the use of digital technologies among local MSMEs to enable them to keep up in a more competitive digital landscape. As we progress into 2016 and towards the ASEAN Economic Integration, PLDT Smart SME Nation is dedicated to ensure the competitiveness of local businesses who will, more than ever, need the support of larger entities such as PLDT who can empower them to make it big in their industries and become truly global businesses,” said VP and Head of PLDT Smart SME Nation Mitch Locsin.

AVP and Marketing Head of Smart SME Nation Nephele Denosta emphasized how the need for mobility is crucial, especially in this new digital age where technology tools are easily accessible anywhere in the country. PLDT Smart SME Nation makes available an array of wireless suites and solutions designed specifically to expedite old, traditional processes and allows business owners to track the progress and efficiency of their company, even while on the go.

By working together with partners like Island Living Channel that are committed to equip MSMEs with opportunity to go digital, PLDT Smart SME Nation further empowers the Filipino entrepreneur to make it big in the growing digital nation.

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