Giving MSMEs bigger voices on the digital platform

neg center

The rise of the digital age has introduced micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) with the opportunity to engage and compete in an inclusive economic environment alongside bigger businesses, whether local or foreign. Technology has greatly equalized the playing field with the existence of e-commerce, thus allowing even startups access to the same vast market as those of greater enterprises. With the growing number of budding entrepreneurs through the years, MSMEs comprise majority of the nation’s registered businesses today, though only few have taken advantage of the growing digital platform to reach their consumers. An increasingly mobile and tech-enabled audience is dominating the nation’s market with approximately 40% of the current population comprising the local online community. With this existing digital customer base, technology proves as a critical factor for MSMEs to thrive. Not only can business owners market their products and services while saving on operational costs, but they can also easily connect to untapped markets even just through their smart phones.

Through the partnership of PLDT Smart SME Nation with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the power of setting up a digitally-enabled business is right at the palm of your hands. The initiative set the foundation for the beginnings of a strengthened online presence for MSMEs, with PLDT Smart SME Nation’s commitment to power over 100 Negosyo Centers nationwide with Smart Wifi connectivity and added customer care services. The collaboration looks to actively provide businesses with connectivity, mobility, and online presence, as well as learning experiences such as trainings and specialized tasks to equip entrepreneurs with the resources to reach their existing markets, as well as the global e-commerce community. With this ongoing partnership with DTI to promote entrepreneurial empowerment among Filipinos and the economic progress of the country, PLDT Smart SME Nation continues to enable local entrepreneurs to take advantage of technology tools and further the growth of a digital nation.

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