1. Qualifications to be part of the raffle:
Open to registered Small and Medium Businesses that are new or existing customers of PLDT SME Nation who pay in-full and on-time:
  • Payment in full: Zero (0) outstanding balance per billing account (regardless of PLDT SME services and amount paid)
  • Payment on time: Payment done on or before due date indicated in PLDT SME Statement of Accounts (SOA) or bill

2. Duration of raffle promo: 
Raffle draw will start from April 1, 2016 – March 1, 2017. Raffle draw schedule and number of winners are:


3. How to avail:

a. Every time an SME pays in-full and on-time for every bill entitles him/her to a raffle entry ticket. 
b. Raffle entry ticket varies depending on payment channel:

  • One (1) raffle entry ticket if payment made is via PLDT payment channels (see FAQs for the complete list)
  • Two (2) raffle entry tickets if via PLDT Bills Online: https://www.pldt.com.ph/billsonline

c. The more raffle entry tickets, the more chances of winning the prize on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
d. Accumulated raffle entries per month, regardless if drawn as a winner or not, are still qualified for the quarterly and annual draw

4. Eligibility of winners:

  • All employees of PLDT and its subsidiaries and affiliates, their advertising and promotion agencies including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this raffle.
  • Billing account should be paid in full or should show no outstanding balance and no treatment or
    disconnection during the monthly, quarterly and annual draw otherwise entry will be forfeited.


5. Drawing of winners:

  • Participating customers who pay in full and on time shall be assigned with Electronic Tickets monthly. These Electronic Tickets will be sent to be them via e-mail and SMS at the end of month.
  • The Electronic Tickets shall be raffled off using the E-Raffle Software developed by PLDT and approved by DTI.
  • The draw shall be witnessed by a PLDT Internal Audit representative or Corporate Governance representative. Drawing of winners will be documented.


6. Announcement of winners:

  • Winners will be announced ten (10) working days after drawing of winners. For grand winners, they should have paid in-full and on a regular basis at least 8 out 12 months (70%).
  • Winners will be notified via SMS, e-mail and call out from a PLDT Representative.
  • Winners will be announced in PLDT SME Facebook Page and Official Website.


7. Awarding of winners:

  • Prizes will be awarded to PLDT SME’s customers (i.e. the Small & Medium Enterprise or the registered customer/sole owner, whichever is applicable). It shall be up to the Enterprise through its sole owner or its president to transfer the prize, if so desired.


8. Prizes:


9. How to Claim Prizes:

  • Quarterly and grand prizes will be given personally by PLDT SME Representative.
  • Winners will be required to present two (2) Valid IDs (Government ID such as postal ID, passport, SSS,Company ID), notification letter from PLDT and will be asked to sign on the acknowledgement receipt upon claiming of the prize.


10. Period of Redemption/Claim Period: Redemption period shall be until 60 days from end of promo period.